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Empowering Rural Students Dreams

Empowering Rural Students Dreams July 31, 2023 / Mahua Roy Choudhury

The 'Community Library cum Career Development Center' established by the Sankalp Sanghas of JEEVIKA in the four blocks of Begusarai district is igniting a significant transformation in the lives of rural children, students, and aspiring competitors. Chunmun, a diligent class 10 student attending the CLCDC in Mansoorchak block, joyously shares, "I had only read about libraries in books. Never did I imagine I would step into one! But today, thanks to JEEVIKA, I am here in this library, studying peacefully." Nusrat Praveen, a 12th-grade student, travels 2 km to access JEEVIKA's library. She describes the library as a serene haven where one can immerse in newspapers, magazines, and books, often extending study sessions beyond the books brought from home. Mo. Officer, pursuing his BA Part 1, was drawn from a distance of 10 km upon learning about the library. He expresses, "It's like a dream come true for us rural folks."

These 'Community Library and Career Development Centers' are initiated by JEEVIKA's Sankul Sangh in Virpur, Mansoorchak, Bachwara, and Matihani blocks, with plans to expand to the remaining blocks soon. These centers are housed in both private and government buildings. Kranti Kumari, a competitive exam aspirant utilizing the CLCDC in Birpur, cycles 4 km to access its resources. She enthuses, "CLCDC takes us on a journey through the world of books. These JEEVIKA libraries serve not only for studies but also foster an environment for youths to meet, exchange ideas, and grow together." She further emphasizes, "Career guidance and support, particularly for girls, are provided here."

The role of 'Vidya didis,' the sisters associated with JEEVIKA or their female family members, as librarians in these centers is essential. They manage and nurture the libraries and also assist the youth in exploring their career options. Vidya didis are recognized for their efforts and are paid honorariums. Suman, a dedicated Vidya Didi in Birpur, shares her experience, "CLCD was launched on March 01, 2023, in Birpur, and more than 155 children have already registered in the center. Over two dozen libraries are visited regularly, and many are benefiting from it." Suman adds, "These libraries have granted wings to the children's dreams. For some of them, their home environment is not conducive to studying, and space constraints make it difficult. The library offers a conducive and secure atmosphere for self-study. Modern resources in these libraries are making studies more accessible. Moreover, they are fostering a culture of reading in these remote areas.