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Success Story of Poultry wali Didi

Success Story of Poultry wali Didi November 06, 2019 / Mahua Roy Choudhury

Husband would migrate to nearby towns for livelihood purpose. With the merger income the family was under the grip of money lenders. Growing financial instability made it difficult for her to come out of vicious circle of poverty.

Saroj Devi’s life started changing in year 2009, when she joined JEEViKA. Her first priority was to get herself out from the clutches of the moneylender for which she took loan of 10,000. Going to Kolkata in 2012 for poultry training was the turning point in her life. After returning from the training she was confident to establish a poultry mother unit at her house for which she took loan of 1.5 lakh.

Now she lives in pucca house and is a proud owner of poultry mother unit, 10 Kattha land and also has a motorbike. Her husband no longer migrates for livelihood; he is engaged in agriculture and helps at poultry mother unit. She is ensuring a bright future to her children by sending them to nearby private English medium school.

With time she has been transformed from a woman who hardly visited her neighbor’s house to a woman who motivates, gives training and brings women like her into SHG folds. She is the treasurer of her SHG and VO and an active member of Ekta CLF Procurement committee and is also a member of Board of Directors.